Ultimately the goal is to improve the world

one coin, 1 person at a time! Your Karmic Coins

are waiting for you. Enjoy the journey to your

own personal self development and fulfillment.

Let us all be the changes we would like to see

in the world! Enjoy the Journey!

                                    Be Blessed, Donna


Mohandas Gandhi stated,

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.

Idea behind Karmic Coin

While counseling in a male prison a decade ago, I was often amazed that regardless

of the crimes committed by the inmates, when asked, they all believed they were good people.


This led me to wondering on what scale, does the average person rate them self? Is there a checklist or assessment somewhere that would allow a person to identify for their selves, what type of person they really are? This thought led to many questions. How would a person rate themselves? Could a confidential tool be created?


A tool that was private, functional, and inspirational. A tool that would allow people the privacy to self- report their behaviors both good and bad. A tool that could calculate human behavior, that would keep a running total of positive and negative behaviors. A tool, that ultimately would provide both; positive behavioral self motivation and spiritual advancement. Thus, the birth of the idea of Karmic Coin.




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